EP14 Oedipus, genealogy, & Magic – An Interview with Christophe Carrozza

June 20, 2014


What is new in the realm of the self?

Christophe and I talk about the power of genealogy and family history in shaping our personalities. We discuss the ways in which we can open ourselves up to change through the art of psychomagic. This interview really gets into the ideas around how much we are in control of ourselves and our lives. It is hopeful, a bit wild, and a lot of fun.

Just a heads up this instalment might be a bit intense for some people. Nothing graphic or explicit but our conversation about the Oedipal complex might put some people off.If you’d like to hangout with Christophe online you can find him at on Facebook. (click here)

Andrew McGregor

“Family History” image by Jon Phillips.